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How would you spell...

So our baby is 5 days old and it’s about time I tell family/friends his name I guess... we’ve just been delaying because I haven’t worked out the spelling.

We’re going with Lachlan, but we will probably call him Lockie 99% of the time. My question is how do I spell it? Lockie/Locky/Lachie...?? Looking for the most traditional way. What do you think?


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Mum (Mom)
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I would do Lachie to keep similar to full name. We've got a friend Lachlan that we call Lach (Lock).

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Yeah I would also use Lachie to match the name.

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I agree with the others - Lachie.

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I agree with everyone Lachie would be the way I would spell it. This is a Scottish name (and an excellent choice!) and in Scotland we don't pronounce the 'ch' in Lachlan as a hard 'ck' sound as in 'lock', but we also don't pronounce it as a soft 'ch' sound as in 'cheetah' it's somewhere between the two and hard to describe as you don't really find that sound elsewhere in many English speaking countries. Anyway, as such the more traditional way would be Lachie as a ck spelling would be incorrect for pronounciation. However, pronounce it and spell it however you prefer - I gave my son the German name Wolfe but we pronounce it with a 'W' as in the animal rather than the traditional German way with a 'V'. Names are constantly evolving and changing as they are adopted and used around the world!

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