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Originally Posted by mattison View Post
Hi ladies,

I have a question for you as I'd like opinions on this situation. It's a long post, please stay with me haha.

We are expecting our 4th and final baby and found out today that baby is a girl. For 5 years we have struggled to find girl names we both love -- you know, we want a name we both feel is 'it'.

Anyways, the only name we both really love is Evelyn. And I have loved the name since I first saw The Mummy 🙈 So with that said, it's been my main choice for some time.

My brother just got engaged about 6 months ago and over the dinner they announced they had dibs on particular baby names. For some reason I can't remember them saying they wanted Evelyn. They also mentioned not having children for a while so perhaps I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been. They have been together 2 years.

After announcing our news today, my sister family texted that she wanted the baby to be Evelyn, and my brother and his fiancée got sort of weird about it.

I don't feel that it is fair to tell people to not use a name because they want it, my sister and I have always believed in first come, first serve. I also feel that I have wanted this name for a long time and I want to name my baby Evelyn. I guess I feel that just because you have been together for 2 years doesn't mean that it trumps my own interest in the name for more than 5 years. And what if they never have a girl? Do I just 'settle' for a different name?

The part I am struggling with now is that they told me it was his fiancées middle name and also a family name that her family has used several times, so it is very meaningful to them.

I don't want to be insensitive at all, but it isn't like I knew about that and had I had a girl before they met she would have been Evelyn. I have poured over names for so long now and just feel frustrated by the situation.

What would you do? What are your thoughts?

Evelyn is on my top 5 and for the same reason as you, I loved it due to the movie too! Always thought it was sophisticated and classic, yet relatable to modern days.
I do think it is a little unfair that they are placing dibs on a name when they aren't even married, let alone pregnant. Sure it's a family name, but it's not your family name and it has a different meaning to you then it is to them. **Sorry, if that came off bitchy. I would talk with them and say that prior to their wishes, this was the name you and your DH had chosen. I think it's only fair that they hear you out. Having 2 people named the same isn't the end of the world. I mean I'm Mexican, I have like 3 uncles with the same name and 2 cousins named after our grandfather. If they get personal about it, then that's their issue and you shouldn't make it your own. Good luck to you!!

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I would use the name and if they have a girl they can use it too if they want. Like you say if you'd already had a daughter she would be Evelyn so it's no different. They can't put 'dibs' on a name!

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We have an Evelyn and my brother has an Evie, we have a George and my same brother has a George Its no big deal and isnt even thought of Same names for different reasons, go for it, as pp says they may never even have children or may have little boys

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