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What do you think of the name Ronan/Ronin? Both versions are pronounced the same but have a different root and meaning. Ronan is Irish, meaning 'little seal' and Ronin is Japanese, meaning "samurai with no lord or master".

I am 6 days overdue with boy number 3 and we still have no name! Ronan/Ronin is one that has come up at this pretty late stage, but like all our other picks this time around I'm not totally sold on it.

OH is keen on Ronin as he is a martial artist and into samurais, etc. I think I prefer the Irish spelling Ronan, so I'm leaning that way.

What are your thoughts on the name and spelling? Do you know anyone called Ronan or any babies called this recently? It's not a common name here in NZ, I don't think I've ever met a Ronan in person. I know of Ronan Keating but that's about it.

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I like Ronan with the Irish spelling, I have never come across anyone with the name, I love that itís not very common!

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Iím no help on the spelling because I like it both ways.. kind of neat if hubby has a tie to the Ronin spelling. But I do love the name no matter how you spell it! Definitely not a common one where Iím at, which makes me love it more!

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I quite like it but I do associate it with Ronan Keating. That's not a negative though. I prefer Ronan to Ronin.
Just thought I'd throw in Rowan and Roman in as similar type names too.

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I prefer the Irish spelling, just because I think looking at Ronin I’d be more likely to pronounce it Ron-Nin which just makes me think of that black eyed peas song where she sings about runnin’ runnin’. I realise I sound insane!! I think it’s unusual, and agree with Loraloo Rowan is a nice contender too.

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I love the name, I'm Canadian but my Dad's side of the family is Irish so I prefer the Irish spelling. I have an uncle and two cousins named Ronan.

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I like Ronan, I only know one boy called Ronan. Im in the UK.

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Got to go with the Irish spelling an meaning. It's just too damn cute to pass up!!

A girl I went to school with called one of her daughter's Ronan but never met another. And hey, let's face it, Ronan Keating was pretty easy on the eye in his Boyzone days!!

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