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My little boy is 5 and he has 3 Evelyns in his year! Its a gorgeous name and so is Grace xxx

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I personally prefer it without the 'r'. I think it's a beautiful name pronounced Ev-ah-lin and I think most of the younger generation (anyone under 40ish) pronounces it this way but I have heard members of the older generation pronounce it Eve-lin so I do understand your concern.

Most people will hear it before they see it written but for those that read it first you may have to correct them. Its like people that are named Sara but pronounce it Sarah - they have to correct people when they read it for the first time, then everyone gets it right. I think it's just a matter of correcting people once and they'll say it how you want them to or a lifetime of spelling a name for everyone because it has an extra unexpected letter, but if you prefer the look of it with an r then go for it!

I didn't think I'd given my son a difficult name, but I still have to spell it for everyone that's writing it because it has a silent e on the end that people miss (this is the correct and original spelling so I don't know why people miss the e) and I SOMETIMES have to correct people because they pronounce the e on the end - it doesn't really bother me, it just makes me laugh, but I do sometimes think, oh dear, what have we set him up for!

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Originally Posted by keepfaith17 View Post
Im from the states and we pronounce Evelyn as Ev-e-lyn no R. Maybe its all in where you are from? i like Grace too and i think it has a nice flow to it as Evelyn Grace instead of Grace Evelyn but either sound good!
How we pronounce too.

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