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Boy name opinions please

Having a nightmare with boys names! We have a small list, but I'm not entirely sold on any of them to be honest! My actual favourite is Tristan, but DH really doesn't like it so it's totally vetoed. We are considering...


I prefer the name Luke, but like the idea of him being Lucas then it being shortened. But then would I spell it Luc?

Middle name will be Joseph.
my daughter is Abigail May, but she is never called that, she's always Abi!

Any other ideas gratefully received!

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I prefer Luka over Lucas and Luke but even if you pick one of those, you'd want to spell it as Luke at least so no one thinks it's Luck. To see it as Luc I read it as Luck and others may do the same thing. IDK, just a though. Lucas is the only one I think really works with Joseph. Are there others that are not on your list that you and your husband like maybe?

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If you like Luke then Lucas is a good idea, I think you can spell it however you want
I'll throw in a vote for Logan too as I have one and he's brilliant

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I like luke and Logan. Luke's a name in itself so if you're going to call him that isd just use luke rather than Lucas

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Yeah I think I'm just saying Lucas because I like shortening a name. But I don't really like it nearly as much haha!
I love Logan, but I don't love how popular it is.

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I prefer Lucas.

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My youngest brother's name is Luke Joseph - he's liked it well enough for the past 37 years. It wouldn't be my favorite name, but I think it's a solid name that's hard to go wrong with.

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Lucas is beautiful!

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I like Lucas or Logan

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Luke and Logan are my favorite!

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