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What made you other half commit to a name?

Me and my oh have been toying with names and none other than Finlay stick in my head. I absolutely love it!!!!! He'd be called Finn for short and my partner actually prefers Finn but he just cant commit. Says we may like another name and we've got ages...

I wont like another name now I've fallen in love with this one. I agree it doesnt hurt to have back ups incase he really doesnt look like a Finlay but i really want this name.

What made your oh's finally commit or did they just fo with at birth? I want him to love it and be as sold on it as i am.

Thanks x

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I'm in essentially the same position as you. I am in love with the name Brody for our second little boy but DH doesn't like it. He says that he doesn't hate it but that it's not something he'd pick and that it's fine. I've simply resigned myself to the fact that we are not going to use it as I don't want to pick a name that he doesn't love. At least your DH likes Finlay/Finn!

We chose DS's name at 26 weeks although we had a second choice picked just in case. I think that we were both 100% sure that we were going to go with Connor and not our second choice, Fergus, from the moment I mentioned Connor. DH always said "probably connor" up until the day he was born so he obviously just didn't want to commit! I think it's quite normal to want a second choice even if you don't really ever intend on using it.

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Our little boy was Finlay for a long long time during pregnancy but its quite popular up here so its now his middle name. I found it near impossible to get my OH to agree on any name. I eventually got him to say oh thats quite cool to his name now and i just went ok doke thats his name then and because he hated discussing it he didnt argue haha.

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My OH’s opinion was that we had up to 6 weeks AFTER birth to register, and hated talking about names!! 😡 all the names I loved he said no to. In the end we had two names, and even when he was born we couldn’t decide which way around they should be, so he was ‘baby boy’ for about 4 days!! 😂 and I had a ‘list’ of names on my phone from about 2 years before we were even trying so I can’t believe he didn’t have a name at birth!
I’d say try not to talk about it too much, then he can’t shoot down your favourites! Just wait until baby arrives and he’ll probably just agree as he won’t of put the time in to think of anything else he prefers! (My OH refused to write lists of names he did like, but would rubbish my likes!). Good luck with your pregnancy xx

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My first wasn't named until after birth and it's a name FOB suggested but when I was expecting my second I had a girls name picked but FOB said he'd never call his daughter that. Sure enough she was born a girl and I couldn't shake the name, I still loved it and thought she suited it and FOB agreed then.

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It was easy for us. DS1 was named after a cousin who's mother had just died. We got fed up with everyone asking if he was okay (of course he wasn't) that we asked him if we could name our first born son after him - a promise we kept.

The other 3 it was easy - their father named them all. The only name I was REALLY insistent on for DS2, was automatically down for DS3. It grew on him over the 6 years between DS2 and DS3's pregnancies. DS4 was hard after DS3 was born. We were all set to go ahead with Sebastian Kage but it just didn't fit so he suggested the first name and just couldn't shake it. I've gotten all the kids middle names.

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For our little girl it was actually quite easy.
We originally both liked Emma and Emilia but both are so popular right now that I didn‘t want to use them.
We kind of just brainstormed a bit and one day I came up with Mariella and OH did love it immediately.

Now if it would have been a boy that would‘ve been harder, when it comes to boys names we seem to have really different taste

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I had to bring up DS's name every few weeks. I'd throw out all kinds of other names but DH didn't really like any of them. Because I kept bringing up the name I wanted it grew on him and started to sound familiar so he ended up liking it in the end.

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