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Rio too much like Aria?

We just found out that our baby's is a boy so naturally thinking about baby names. I always struggle with boys names and when DD was born we were leaning more towards Reuben if she had been a boy. I still really like Reuben but want other options as not sure I love it. I mentioned Rio today and DH and my mum really liked it as do I but as DD is Aria I'm wondering if they are too similar?

Any other suggestions? I like names that aren't too popular (where I live Aria is still pretty unique) but not too out there that they could be seen as weird or (sorry to sound snobby) chavvy


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Old Jun 4th, 2018, 17:34 PM   2
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I don't think so, no.

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They aren't similar at all to me, other than they both have an R in them.

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I don't think they are similar at all.

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I don't think they're similar

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I think they are similar in a complimentary way. I don't think they are so close that they'd be confusing. Always yell them out loud as if you're calling them down to dinner. For fun's sake go to the bottom of the stairs and yell both. See how it feels.

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aria , rio

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