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Need a middle name for this girl name...

The first name is not set and stone... but I am falling in love with the name Millie. I can't explain the feeling... but it's like I can envision her with that name, and when I shop online I say, "that looks like it's meant for Millie." I'm having a hard time moving on from it and considering other names.

My husband likes the name, but isn't sold on it. He says it depends on how it flows with the middle name. The problem is that we've only been thinking of the common middle names-Marie, Renee, etc.

We really need to branch out and get lots of choices. The last name starts with an M.

Any opinions?

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My daughter's name rhymes with Millie and her middle name is Anne. Others I can think of are...

Millie Louise
Millie Rose
Millie Joy
Millie Leanne
Millie Beth
Millie May
Millie Jayne
Millie Jade
Millie Alexa
Millie Belle
Millie Annabelle
Millie Hope
Millie Wren
Millie Rebecca

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I really like Millie Rose x

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Millie Mae

Millie Rae

Millie June

Millie Rose -- that's cute!!

Millie Elle

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Millie Rose
Millie lianne
Millie Olivia
Millie reanne
Millie rae
Millie Sienna
Millie Eve

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