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Revised Girl list---gimme your thoughts!

Ok ladies, Im 35+ weeks now and would love to pick a name lol. My husband and I havent been to agree yet. I have two kids at home, Gabriel Silas and Elizabeth Mae (we call her Libby).
Our last name is pronounced: Kuhveen

Here is our current list--also I welcome nickname options for these options, I love my kids having a name and nickname:

Logan---cant think of any nicknames on this one lol

Savannah (my hubby does not like this lol but Im keeping it on the list anyway because I love it)---nn Savvy or Annie

Montgomery (hubby loves this surprisingly)---nn Monty

Moriah---nn Riah

Audrey OR Aubrey OR Alyssa Joy---nn AJ

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You have a great list, lots of different options. Itís really hard to pin down your naming style but you have great taste.

Monty is really cute, but doesnít really fit with your other kiddos names. They have very classic and popular names, Montgomery is definitely classic but way lower on the popularity scale.

I would put Logan on the side line, itís more trendy than the others. I love that Gabriel and Elizabeth are timeless classics, Logan doesnít really fit that aesthetic.

What about...

Beatrice nn Bea
Margaret nn Margo or Peggy or Margie (tons of options for cute nicknames)
Charlotte nn Lottie or Charlie
Katherine nn Kit
Victoria nn Tory or Vika
Georgina nn Gigi

Isaac nn Zac
Elijah nn Eli
Lawrence nn Ren
Zachary nn Zach, Ari, Rory
Remington nn Remy
Desmond nn Desi

I do love Savannah and Moriah.

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