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Show me your red hair

I love red hair! Have had it for almost 2 years now but I find my hair turns ginger very quickly and I can never seem to find the shade I want.

So I want to see pictures of your hair, what dye you use and tips to keep it from fading so quick

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I love red hair too! My sister has her's dyed a lovely deep red, don't know what she uses though.

I'm a natural ginger though and I don't dye my hair.


Ignore the silly pose lmao.

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I love dying my hair red! Mine is quite red right now but doesnt look it in some pics... I will find a decent pic and edit this post!!

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john Alex
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I also love the red hair , can any plz share the product that make my hair red.

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My hair is more of a darker auburn color, I don't dye it... some people say it's brown, sometimes people call it dark blonde. When I lived in the UK a lot more people said I was ginger/had red hair than they do now that I'm in the US. Here's a pic...

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