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Heartburn! Back aches, cramping, frequent urination, vivid dreams, sore hips and thighs, fatigue etc!

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Nothing. Literally nothing.

If I hadnít have used my last test Ďfor funí I wouldnít have ever known!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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My face has been breaking out 100 times worse than normal. I've been crampy on and off today but really not feeling any different

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I was totally not expecting to be pregnant so I didnít super pay attention during the TWW (DH and I were taking a break from TTC after 2 years of failure).

However, there are a couple things I noted as boobs felt fuller and slightly harder. It sounds weird but I remember being in the shower and being like...huh, is it just in my imagination or do they feel different? I mean, they were also sore but that always happens before AF. This time it was a combo stinging/burning/stabbing type of sore.

Then, I didnít have my usual bad reflux I usually get about three days before AF. I didnít realize it until after my BFP. I also got a cold sore exactly one week before AF was due, which was odd for me.

Honestly, it felt like my period was on its way. I felt bloated a few days before it was due, which was normal for me, I felt run down, I felt crampy...all normal AF signs. But AF never came! I got my BFP at 14-15 DPO (not exactly sure when I ovulated since I wasnít tracking due to taking a break) the day after my app said AF was due. It was a super faint BFP but I got a very strong one the next afternoon.

I didnít have any sign of implantation. I didnít have any huge changes, like I thought I would. Iím so happy and surprised and excited. Oh, I was also having super vivid dreams from about 9dpo onward.

For those of you TTC, there were only a couple things we did differently this time...we didnít use any preseed because we couldnít find it (itís the only lube we have on hand) and after DH finished, he finished me...very thoroughly and I think that sent the sperm rocketing up to meet the egg. Apparently orgasms can help after the sperm is already present. Who knew? I didnít. Weíve been doing it backwards this whole time. Haha!

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