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bfp when i wasnt expecting it !

Hya guys i got my bfp 3 days ago and it was a total shock ! Id been trying ofcourse but decided my 4 year old was enough and that we were hapoy as we were. I have ireggular periods and rearly ovulate so did not get the missed period clue allthough i did buy test aftet test they all said negative anyway that was the beginning of sept and ud not had a period since early august here we r in nov n im feeling fluey n food tastes crap boobs bigger so thought id get a test n there it was bfp ! O was shocked after atleast 20 neg tests how could i b pregnant n i knew it had to b the sept so i think im cumin up to 13 weeks but a scan will confurm saw the nurse today zold her my story dont think she cpuld belive the neg tests ! Got the flu jab now waiting for a midwife so just hoes to show nit all preg tests r correct or not everyones hcg hormone is high even as far as 11 weeks gone good luck and congratulations to everyone from the bottom of my heart love n hugs n baby dust to all xxxxxxxxx

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Congrats x

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