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Did vitex help you get a BFP????

Hello ladies,

I am actually TTC #1 and was wondering if anyone took vitex to help them regulate their cycles in hopes of getting that . Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions!

Lots of sticky baby dust to all!

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I didn't take vitex, but I did take maca the first half of my cycle the month that I got my bfp. I don't know if the maca helped me get pregnant, but I do believe it can be beneficial to one's health.

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I took vitex for three cycles and didn't get pregnant, but the cycle I stopped taking it I fell pregnant, so not sure if it was the vitex in the previous months that helped or whether it'd had been stopping me and as soon as I stopped it I got my bfp

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I swore by Vitex conceiving both my daughters. I took Evening Primrose Oil up to ovulation as well which (supposedly) helps with EWCM. Good luck!

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