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How did u tell hubby of BFP?... Or your family!

I am just curious... Of all your creative ways of saying to your loved ones you are having a baby!, starting with significant other and then family! Share away friends!!!!

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My OH was there when I took the test so thats how he found out haha

My two best friends received very excited phonecalls but our families we told by my OH telling them he wanted to show them some of his new photos (he is a photographer) and flicking through a slide show of his work and then last picture being:
I can't make the attach the picture because it's too big and I'm not techy enough to change it but if you click the link you will see it on my tumblr.

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My DH found out with a phone call.

Everyone else found out through bog standard "we've got something to tell you".

I'm hoping to be a bit more creative 2nd time round haha

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I kept waving poas in his face asking if he could see a line or not!

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Mines isnt very exciting i'm afraid...i have sent the positive pic in an email
this morning which he'll get at work - lets just hope he doesn't crash his bus
As with family, i won't be telling them...i don't have any close family And the rest can just wait & find out !

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This is our 2nd together but our 5th total. I didn't know how to tell him. I had known for almost a week before saying anything. Then one evening when the kids were in bed he was asking me to give him all of our birth dates and when I threw in an extra date he asked who's it was and I told him our next baby. It didn't register at first and then he thought that I was joking, when he saw that I was laughing and crying at the same time he also started laughing and was happy. Now our first scan is on Monday. Hoping that all is well as we did have a miscarriage prior to our last child. waiting till after scan to tell our relatives.

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I found out the day before my dad's birthday; we bought him a Basketball hat and hid a pair of same-teamed baby booties underneath it. When he unwrapped the present he was pretty confused, and even said, "aren't these for babies?" when all he saw was my huge grin my mom and dad's faces were priceless! It's our first No one knew we were trying.

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I called him at work immediately after I took the test. I started bawling my eyes out lol.

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I found a t-shirt at Motherhood that said Mommy in Training and wore it to dinner. It didn't take long for him to notice.

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