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Quick update ladies. I got a BFP digi "1-2 weeks". I just knew this morning and went out to get a digi. Shaking in my boots over here. I'm technically 10 dpo.

Blue have you gotten a BFP yet!?

Earthfairy- my progesterone on my 21 day was 2.4 and 7.5 wks pregnant was 3.7. Low low low all around. It's crazy more doctors don't view this as important or crucial. It literally keeps your pregnancy( as long as it's healthy) until the placenta takes over!

Thank you both for the well wishes! Now to figure out what the hell to do and demand an appt somewhere.

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congratulation on bfp

congratulation Gypsy1106 on your bfp.

i have also just ordered a bottle of vitex to try as me and dh been ttc baby#2 for 1 year now. my periods are very irragulaer and my longest cycle so far was 52 days.

i was put on clomid first time when i conceived my son but i wanted to try to ovulate on my own this time and regulate my cycles.

i am hoping it does for me what it has done for you.

also i have been doing a loot of reading up on vitex and i did come across a few forums where ladies got bfp using vitex but once stopped had a mc but they they take it upto 1st trim then its fine. just wandering as i did ready you had a mc first time just thinking is it maybe bcz you stopped vitex.

i am wandring for myself aswell if i get bfp should i carry on taking upto 1st trim or stop once get bfp????

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bfp , vitex

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