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Rainbow baby after Molar Pregnancy <3

Hi ladies!

I've not been on here in ages

I have a good reason though.

So a little of my back story, last year i found out i was pregnant with our third. I had my first scan on the 1st of april, and unfortunately it wasn't a good one. They found that i had a Molar Pregnancy. In my case, it was a partial molar pregnancy (baby and tumour). Our pregnancy wasn't a viable one, so i had to have a d&c. The d&c was performed on the 4th of april, and they found a 12 week old baby.

Baby was sent away for testing with the molar, and i was booked in for weekly blood tests. On the 8th of may (mother's day in aussie land) my doctor's surgery called me, i had to go in the next day to talk to my doctor. So the next day we went in, and my doctor broke the news to us. My hcg levels had risen twice, and i had to have another blood draw that night. Blood was drawn and i was called the next day. It rose again, and i was being transferred to the hospital for further investigation.

When i got to the hospital i was booked in for an ultrasound and x-ray, my tumour grew back, but thankfully it had not spread to my lungs or other organs. I started IM chemo on the 12th of may to shrink the tumour.

I finally finished chemo in august, and was put onto monthly blood draws. We were given the all clear to ttc as of november that year.

And now we are here again! Our rainbow is due in october this year, around the same time as our angel baby's due date.

Please send positive vibes out into the universe for us

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Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 months

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Congrats! Sending positive thoughts!

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Congrats!!! x

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Huge congratulations

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Aw yay! Congratulations!

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What a journey! Congratulations x

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Wow! Huge congratulations!

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Sorry for your loss and hard time, but congratulations on this new miracle!

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