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My BFP story

Hey ladies,
I want to share with you my BFP story because it might be a good lesson or piece of advice. Don't test too early!

I looked online and saw results positive at 8dpo, so how could i resist?
I knew when the ovulation happened cause i was monitored with ultrasounds, so i calculated my 8th day and bought a 5miu sensitivity test and boom... negative.
I told myself, before taking the test, don't worry if it's negative, it's still early!
I was a bit upset but i still had high hopes.

That was Thursday.
On Friday we left town to go to the mountains, to relax. Spa, jacuzzi (now i know i'm not allowed on hot water!)..
Sunday, 11dpo, tested again, same sensitivity.. Another negative!!\

Then it hit me hard, i was really upset and helpless.. I've heard about implantation bleed, didn't had it.. that was it for this month.

But then on Monday evening (12dpo), i felt a sharp pain, i thought maybe it happened.. but then dismissed the idea. Wanted to wait til my period came.

On wednesday morning, my hubby already left for work, i woke up, went pee and told myself.. what the heck, can it be an even worse negative??
Took another test - 10 miu this time.. and right away it showed another line!! More fainted that the control one, but i was sure there's something!

I had only one more test, a cheap one, i guess 25miu, tested that too, it had a more pale line but it was there!

So i really advise you wait at least 2 weeks from ovulation, there might be an earlier positive result, but the pain of a negative.. it was so bad. And i had 2 negatives, haha!

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!! I'm 13DPO today and not tested yet

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Congratulations x

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Congrats! I know a lot of people have trouble refraining from testing early but the longer you hold off, the more accurate it'll be. I'm glad you posted this xx

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