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Diagnosed with secondary infertility, pregnant one month later! Needing advice...

I got pregnant with our first son without trying, we were doing the opposite of trying actually but he came anyway! lol
We decided in February of last year to start trying, one year later and more than I care to admit wasted on ovulation and pregnancy tests and we found ourselves talking to our doctor about our options.
I am ovulating on a perfectly regular 28 day cycle and his swimmers are better than average for some reason though we just weren't having any luck.
My doctor decided to try us on a 3 month supply of Clomid to see if that would do the trick. I was due to start this Thursday. Last Tuesday I woke up and something told me to try testing so I did, I had the FAINTEST line ever. I was so excited and nervous. I was (and still am) worried that this will somehow go wrong. But I have taken a million tests since and they have gone from a super squinter to blazing positive so I am tryng to be happy.
My boobs already feel larger and I am SO bloated but I am taking it as it all comes.

Now for the part I am looking for advice on,
My birthday is on May 6th, we had made plans with our close friends to go out to a club and have a good time.
Now the problem is that I obviously can't do that. I feel like early May is too early to start telling people but they know we have been trying and I feel like they will figure it out either way.
Should we just tell them and ask them to keep it to themselves?

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I would probably tell them and just ask them to keep it secret for now.

As long as there was no smoking inside I'd probably still go out to the club and just drive nonalcoholic drinks.

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i would always just say i'm taking medication that i can drink alcohol with lol lots of those exist!

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