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New Here and Super Confused by BFP! Please Help!

I just had my IUD removed mid-March. My cycle seemed all sorts of goofy that month. April rolled around an I decided to try an OPK. I started testing on CD 11, twice per day. The line got darker and darker, until it was positive on CD 19. I was all sorts of freaked out, because I thought I was ovulating way too late for my 28-day cycle. I made myself crazy reading about all the fertility problems that could be caused by. I kept testing with the OPK's out of curiosity and they kept getting darker and darker. Then I panicked that my body was trying to ovulate, but wasn't. They continued to stay dark, until I read somewhere in researching all of my self-diagnosed infertility problems (Doesn't this journey turn us into crazy people?!) that an OPK will be positive if you are pregnant, as long as a pregnancy test would also pick it up. So for the heck of it, I bought an early test and it came back positive 4 days before my period was due. And it wasn't a faint line either! It was fast and strong. What the heck is going on? Did I ovulate on CD 10 before I started testing? Is it possible to ovulate on CD 19 and have my LH levels continue to go up and not drop?

So now I'm very worried that I did actually ovulate on CD 19 and will start bleeding really soon since it is only CD 28 for me.

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