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No progression on FRER... worried about chemical

Hi all, so on Friday I noticed a barely there, literally thought I was going mad line on a Tesco own brand HPT.

On Saturday I picked up a FRER to confirm, I did two the same day and they both had a faint but obvious second line. A few hours after the second test I noticed three spots of pink CM (there has been nothing since)

I bought two clear blue early detection tests yesterday (10 mIU) and they both showed second lines again very faint.

This morning I did a clear blue weeks estimator and it said 'not pregnant' I also did some cheap tests (25 mIU) that were BFN

I have just done another FRER and a Superdrug and they both have second faint lines. The FRER does look a bit darker but I would expect after 48 hours for it to be much fainter.

I have no idea how many DPO I am, I am not CD 29 and my cycles range from 29 - 39 days.

Has anyone been in a similar situation???

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