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Pregnant with our 2nd the first cycle after mc!

I am in complete shock, almost to the point of not even knowing how to feel about this yet. We have a 4 year old daughter and I got pregnant with our 2nd in February, but unfortunately had a mmc at 11 weeks just before Easter. I was pretty sure I ovulated 2 weeks after the mc (had to have a d&c so I counted that as CD1, then had ovulation pain and positive opks on CD13 and 14 and negative after) and then I got my first period 28 days exactly after. So we started trying again this cycle. I wanted to wait at least until I had one natural period after the bleeding stopped though as I didn't feel ready until then. We were away for 2 weeks in the U.S. to see my family (thankfully not staying with them, but it still wasn't easy to find a comfortable private place for some alone time anyway!), but I ovulated again right on schedule CD14. It was really painful, so I figured that had to be a good sign and I was really hopeful that we might have caught it again straight away.

I felt absolutely awful last week, irritable, nauseous from 6dpo, tired, headachey, etc. and I was sure I had to be pregnant. After 4 days of feeling like that, I took a test at 10 dpo with fmu and it was as negative as could possibly be. Even after it dried I held it up to the light hoping to see something and it was completely white! I felt so sad. I felt like it was just my body playing a cruel joke on me after everything we had been through. I continued to not feel great all through the weekend, but I tried to just put it out of my mind because we had family visiting us for the weekend. Had a few glasses of wine and tried to relax and make the most of it and forget the fact that I was clearly not pregnant. 14 dpo and I still didn't feel great and was expecting my period to start either that night or the next day (yesterday). My period is always on time and I never had a long lp, so when it hadn't come by last night (15 dpo), I was feeling pretty despondent. I worried if it could be problems caused from the d&c (uterine scarring that can cause infertility and irregular periods). I figured that was just my luck! All of this, feeling so sick, and it was just a sign my body was breaking.

My husband told me I should take a test, but I said I was waiting until Friday (tomorrow) because I wasn't wasting a test and didn't think I could possibly be pregnant. I've gotten good early positives with both of my previous pregnancies and I was sure that 10 dpo test would have shown something if I was. But I said I'd take one Friday morning because I intended to have a drink with dinner Friday night and if I hadn't gotten my period by then, I wouldn't want to chance it. I woke up this morning feeling even more depressed about what could possibly be going on with my body and decided I at least wanted to know. I was sure I wasn't pregnant and if my period just wasn't coming because the mc had screwed up my cycles, then at least I would know one way or the other if that's what was happening. Got up, took a FRER and sat on the toilet on my phone trying to wait the 3 minutes. After 2 minutes, I felt so annoyed, I was like, I'm just going back to bed! I went to get up and glanced at the test (I was just going to leave it there), and it was POSITIVE!!! A really nice dark BFP as well (should be I'm 16 dpo).

Anyway, oops about all the wine I drank this past weekend! But I guess if it was too early for a BFP, it's certainly too early for it to matter too much. Now it all makes sense, I have been feeling lots of my usual pregnancy symptoms, but no sore nipples at all. That's always been one of the first and most obvious signs for me, so since they feel fine, I just figured there was no way it could be. But I'm definitely pregnant!

And it was definitely a wake up call to be to not give up hope. I was so sure I was meant to get pregnant this month and we've been through so much these past few months. I'm also nearly 37, so felt my time was maybe just running out and starting to lose a bit of faith in my body. But it really happened. And my due date is only a week after my daughter's 5th birthday.

The tests below are all from this morning. The FRER at the bottom was the first one I took. Then the two in the middle are Superdrug ones (not the early tests). The bottom one of those two I took to start but it must be faulty because the urine never even crossed the window with a 10 second dip and nothing came up (not even the control line). So I was annoyed and took a second one and then dipped that same one again for a long time. It did finally come up after a long dip, which is why it's darker, but I think it must be faulty (anyway, still positive). The top is an opk. I just wanted to see if it would come up positive. I took an opk with my last pregnancy but it was negative, so I was curious if it would give me a positive this time (it did, obviously because I'm farther along that I was then).

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Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

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Congrats!!! And so sorry for your loss. Xx

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Congratulations!!! X

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Congratulations xx

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Congrats sweetie!

So very sorry for your loss .

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Big congratulations to You! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months

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