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3rd time lucky for baby no2!

This is me and dh 3rd proper cycle ttc no2. Took almost 9 months to conceive DD so this has taken me by surprise! I actually got a very faint blue line at on Sunday at 7/8dpo but didn't really trust it was real until yesterday and today when I got good lines on pink dye tests!

I haven't told my dh yet as it's our first wedding anniversary on the 5th September and I thought about giving him a test as a present. Then I remembered how impatient I am and hate keeping exciting secrets, so I've decided to get a digi tomorrow and surprise him with that tomorrow night as an early present!

I've had to tell some people at work already too, because we prepare pharmaceuticals - some of which are cytotoxic/chemotherapy so I had to explain that I can't go in those areas for a while!

Anyway, here's this afternoons test at 11/12dpo

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Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

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