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lou belle
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BFP baby no.2, 3rd cycle!!

Just got my :BFP: today

Im soo happy and excited! We have been ttc since June and Ive been dealing with a hormone imbalance that I'm using acupuncture to treat. All this cycle Ive had acupuncture once a week. Its been amazing to decrease my stress and anxiety. I no longer have crazy mood swings and feel really content!

I was convinced we hadnt succeeded this cycle as ovulation was later and I was wrking loads! Just felt like I was having af type cramps for 3days but no period. It felt really familiar to previous pregnancy! Also my boobs are so full and tender!!

I did an IC and got a barely there, blink and u miss it fade (like an evap line) so retested on same sample with no hold on 2 hospital grade tests which both showed a definite line though a bit light! Tried the frer in same wee and got a lovely strong line!!!

I am ecstatic and just cant wait to enjoy this time! Our DD was a big shock so we never got to really celebrate the early excitement! Baby no.2 is on his/her way

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Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

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Congratulations x

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Best wishes~

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Have a happy and healthy nine months! Congrats!

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