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I’m so sorry chick

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I had DS and then DD ( c-sections, NICU stay with DD)... with DD2 i was a NERVOUS wreck. Constant anxiety. Mentally, it was rough. We made it though. VBA2C and no complications.

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You do not need to feel ashamed or ungrateful for being afraid. Pregnancy IS scary when you aren't in a solid, confident place with your s/o and also your life in general. I've been there. My first pregnancy was terrifying. God got me out of what I was fearing the most: instability for my children and a destroyed relationship with my s/o. That second baby ended up bringing more stability and more commitment from my now husband. It took several months to get into a good place across the board though and it was hard and ugly. But the kids are good, we're good, it's all good. Your fears of the future and uncertainty will steal your joy, so try to take it one day at a time and try having some heart-to-heart talks with your s/o about what you're both expecting and how you'll both manage. It'll be more helpful to talk about this before baby arrives. I understand if none of this advice seems to fit your situation, I just want to share how it worked out for us. We turned to God and he found a way for us. If you're not a believer, my advice is to consider praying and see what happens. Nothing ever worked out in my life until I found Jesus. Hugs to you and hope you're feeling okay. Breathe mama, this will pass and soon you will have a precious baby in your arms and the smell of him/her will calm you

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Sorry its been a while since i replied but thankyou so mich to you all for the kind words at a really difficult time x me and my s/o are now ttc and better than ever :-)

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