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Hi ladies, please could you advise?

hello lovely ladies, well today i got my BFP :happy dance:
Is it normal to have slight period type aches? Im sure i did with my 2nd DD but that was 7 years ago now so I've forgotten
Also I did 2 clear blue tests, one came up with 1-2 weeks but the one i did this morning said 2-3 weeks?? Which one do I go off? I have used a due date calculator and it says to enter the first day of your last period ( mine was 16th Nov ) and that shows that I'm 5 weeks and 1 day?? soooo confused. can anyone help, lol xxx

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First of all...Congratulations!!!

I don't really ever trust the clear blue tests that give how many weeks you are. HCG levels vary and the test goes off of an average of hug levels. The only for sure way to know how far along you are is for your Dr to do an ultrasound.

Hope this helps!

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I was achy like my period was coming for several weeks. Congrats on your bfp!!!

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Cleaeblue shows 2-3 weeks if you are 4-5 weeks as it goes from conception and due dates work from your last period xx congrats xx

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