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A Stressful BPF

My husband and I have been NTNP since we got married. It took us over 3 years to conceive our first and she will be 2 in May. I had bleeding throughout the first trimester of that pregnancy and then high BP throughout the last trimester that ended up with me on bed rest and an induction a few weeks before her scheduled DD.

Got a BFP today at home and then another urine BFP at my primary's office. They took blood work to test the HCG and I hope I hear about that soon.

The problem is that I have no idea when I conceived. I had a positive test January 5th followed by a negative urine at the doctor's office and got treated for flu. I THOUGHT I had the start of my period on Friday of this past week -- filled up about half a tampon before it stopped and turned into spotting.

Primary wants me on bed rest until I can be checked out by the OBGYN. OBGYN's office says that they have no open appointments until Tuesday of next week BUT that they don't see anyone before 8 weeks and want my HCG levels before they book me...

So right now I'm stressed sitting here thinking about how much time I'm going to miss at work + the potential of something going on that could be avoided if the dang doctor would just SEE ME.

Anyone have a similar problem? I'm tempted to go to the ER to get an ultrasound but man, that would be so expensive.

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No similar problem I'm afraid but I feel for you, that must be so stressful and confusing. The uncertainty of the early stages of pregnancy are confusing as it is without all of the waiting around feeling unsure.

I can see you posted a few months back and judging by your signature you got your BFP! Congratulations How are you feeling now? How did it all go?


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