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After two years of trying, baby #2 is coming soon


Omg Iím so excited to finally be making this post.

We have been trying for baby number 2 for a long time. Our daughter was conceived after two months of trying, this one gave us a challenge for some reason. The doctors could never really pinpoint any issue, just told us to keep trying. I knew I didnít want to do anything extreme yet, like fertility treatments though. It just didnít feel right at the time.

When my daughter turned 4 in September, we tried for a few more months and then took a break. We hit the two year mark in December so January through March we made sure not to be intimate during my fertility window. I wanted a clean break from all the herbal supplements and obsessing.

Then, this last cycle in April, we had sex the last day of my fertility window. I thought for sure I had already ovulated and there was no way I was pregnant. I didnít count days or pay attention to symptoms. They all seemed normal, the type of symptoms I always get before AF.

Then little things started happening. My daughter, who never says this kind of thing, told a total stranger that ďmommy was going to be pregnant soonĒ and then every night for the past two weeks before bed would say ďIím having a baby.Ē Then, my best friend texted me and asked if I was pregnant. This was only one week into the TTW so I said I didnít know but probably not.

Then my period was late. Itís NEVER late, if anything itís sometimes early. I told myself it was nothing. I didnít want to get back into obsession mode. 3 months of peace had been wonderful....I couldnít take another negative pregnancy test.

Three days late...I took a test and...nothing. So I thought that was that. Then for some reason, an hour later I went back and checked the test and there was a faint line. I was SHOCKED. In the two years of TTC I never got so much as a tiny barely there faint line on any test...and here it was staring at me in the face. I though it was surely a fluke, donít get your hopes up.

So I didnít sleep very well, haha! Next morning, I took another test and a VVVVFL appeared again but faster. Hm....

Finally, at about 2pm I got up all my courage and took a FRER. Instant second pink line! And it just gets darker by the second.

I was crying so hard....I canít even believe it.

I know how hard it can be, trying month after month without knowing why itís not happening. This is a total cliche, but once I totally let go and let myself be at peace with only having one happened. Also....(tmi) my husband finished first and then finished me. Apparently thatís very good for getting the sperm past the cervix. Who knew? Maybe that was the key all along.

Wishing you all tons of baby dust. I hope this little bean sticks.

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Congratulations wishing you a happy healthy 9 months

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Yay!!! Congrats!

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I've had a similar experience only the opposite. For both of my girls it took around two years each. Then I met someone else, we weren't even trying and I ended up pregnant after onlly being with him sexually for 3 months. It really is a shock to me. I thought for sure NTNP, I wouldn't get pregnant, but here I am!!

If you want you should join our January snowdrops group!!

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