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I want a margarita!

So if I were to have one long would I have to wait before bf again? Would I have to wait? Will it hurt LO?

I'm a one drink every 2-3 weeks kind of girl hahahah

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The WHO and American association of pediatricians generally recommend complete abstinence from alcohol while BF'ing. It can impact your let down and yes, if there's alcohol in your milk it can impact baby. Alcohol is in higher concentration in milk than blood (due to % water content).

However they also say in their guidelines if you can't go without your drink it will clear from breast milk AFTER 2-3 hours.


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Explains it great

I say, enjoy!

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There's usually about 3 shots in a margarita so I'd give it about 3 hrs. My midwife advised having a drink while breast feeding as it wouldn't have time to get into the milk and would clear by the next

Go for it, I certainly don't worry about the odd drink!

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