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Is it possible?

Is it possible for a baby to poo too much? I know this may seem like a weird concern as we are told poo diapers are a sign baby is getting adequate milk intake, but is there a possibility of it being too much?

My LO is about a month old and still having 3-5 dirty diapers a day, it isn't so much the number of diapers that concerns me, but that fact that everyone is much more full than before. That accompanied by the fact that she doesn't seem to feed as often as other babies her age, and the spitting up at every feed, makes me wonder if she is actually getting any nutrients from my milk. Honestly, it seems like it there is less going in than coming out... or maybe I am just an over-analyzing mother .

Thanks in advance!

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At nearly 4 months my lo poos 3-5 times a day.

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I'm sure it's fine if she's happy in herself and putting on weight. Babies can get tummy bugs, but diarrhoea is usually more like water, and very foul smelling.

Sounds like she's just an efficient feeder!

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