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Cluster feeding all night

Only 3 days old and the only sleep I have had so far tonight is when I accidentally fell asleep with DS on me he has been feeding since about 6 pm so that makes it around 8 hours now, I am so tired and my nipples are getting so sore! DD never did this, there's not much point to my writing this down except that I am trying really hard not to fall asleep with him on me again!

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hang in there! you're doing a great job!! those days are tough, but so worth it.

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It's a tough time but well worth the effort. I know it's not much comfort atm but it will get easier. Your milk must be coming in soon if it isn't already and then things will soon settle.

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It gets easier - some babies cluster feed longer than others. The day before my milk came in, I don't think DD was off me for more than 15 mins at a time for hours on end! Hang in there.

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I feel your pain - I finally got to sleep (on the sofa) at 10 this morning as my 2 wk old daughter was feeding ALL night. She's now been asleep since 10, which is 4 hours, and I've managed 2.5 hours sleep myself.

I'm really hoping this doesnt continue, it's not so bad this week as DH is on nights, but he's on earlies next week (6am - 6pm) so it would just about be impossible to manage

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