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mastitis, open wound on nipple and don't know what to do...

hi! i need some help please...

my little boy is 15 days old and i have been BF'ing him since birth. Last weekend though I was put on antibios for mastitis and my poor nipple was infected. The wound is still open and sore so i have been expressing from that side and feeding from the right. but it's so hard and i feel my milk supply is running low a bit. i know i should let baby feed on sore nipple but i can't

anyways i gave him a formula feed 2 nights ago (sma gold) and he was realllllly sick after it. so last night i tried aptamil and he was fine- slept 4 hours!!!

i feel as though i am ready to give up BF'ing- but at the back of my mind a part of me doesn't want to give up. it's just draining having to express!

Any advice? xxxxxxx

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ah you poor thing must be horrible, I havent had mastitis (the doc said i did but I know I didnt) but I know alot of the ladies on here have had it and come through the other side. Breastfeeding for at the start was hard enough for me never mind having the problems you have, it lakes my eyes water thinking about it, But just think if you can get through you will be so proud of yourself and you will get so much support from the ladies on here. You just have to do what you thik is best for you, have a good think about what you want to do and just go for it.

A few links to things that helped me soooo much i really reccomend them to you

these were so good for me.

Congratulations on your baby and good luck with the feeding.

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I had mastsis for 4 weeks and it does get better, keep expressing and feeding on your other one, not sure if my supply decreased but its fine now! keep going at it, more you express and feed better it will be xxx

also the lanosinh is amazing slap it on several times a day esp after expressing its also free on perscrisption

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have u tried using a nipple shield hun? both my nipples were cracked and bleeding to the point my bub was throwing up blood. I used nipple shield for two days - it still hurt a bit, but was bearable and it allowed me to continue to feed on both sides. After the two days i gradually weaned myself off the shields - only using them for some feeds and now we are completely shield free and feeding fantastically. My nipples seem to have toughened up a bit and both me and bub are better at latching on correctly.

You need to do what is right for you in regards to giving up breastfeeding, but hun, can i just say, my big breakthru with feeding came at about 3 -4weeks. And your nearly at that point! Before that i really thought that i couldnt do it cos it just hurt so bad, i couldnt see how it was ever going to be an enjoyable experience. But it is! And it was just pure determination that kept me going. Im so proud and happy that i stuck it out cos now im loving breastfeeding. But again, you need to do what is right for you. good luck!

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Dont give up. I say this even though I 50/50 feed. I didnt have mastitis, but I had a nasty open wound on my nipple where she had actually sucked of one of the wee nipple bits (makes me shiver just talkin about it) and it was so painful I was sick with the pain a few times when feeding her. I would say NOT to try feeding him from that side as it will impede the healing and make everything last longer. I actually found as well that expressing often made it bad to - So I just did it once a day - and still got about 200mls out.
I had tried nipple shields they would never stay on my breasts,

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