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What is wrong with my 3 month old??

Is this teething? I think so but I want to check with you all (my doctor gave him an appointment for next MONTH).

- Face covered in red rash (lip, chin, cheeks only)
- Refusing the boob constantly unless I use ice cubes on them first.
- Refusing the boob overnight but waking a lot
- Screaming down the house in obvious hunger but again refusing
- Won't take a bottle (with my toddler, he had cold milk bottles)

What on earth do I do, it's been a week, no sign off a tooth, but he's been on a full nursing strike. I'm really starting to worry about his nutrition. I'm going to try cup feeding him later. This is exhausting, he is too young for solids, how I do get him to eat?? I'm pretty sure he's not sick.

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I reckon it's teething. My youngest had bad teething symptoms from 9 weeks and yet his first tooth didn't start to come through until he was 9 months, it didn't come through fully until 11 months and we then realised it was two teeth fused together no wonder it was hard work for him. I found feeding lying down helped though you have probably already tried this. Also dream feeding when he was just roused enough to actually latch on, I could get him to have very long feeds that way and that helped make up for lack of intake during the day xx

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Sounds like it, sometimes giving them teething granules them feeding them straight away worked xx

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Sounds like teething to me. My LO gets symptoms right before he gets the little slit in the gum, so it doesn't appear that he's teething until a little bit after. I've taken him to the doctor twice thinking it was something more serious because I couldn't see any teeth coming through.

He gets rashes on his chin, lips, corners of his mouth. There was one point where I thought he was getting a cold sore or something. He also wakes up a lot and will generally refuse to nurse unless he's really hungry. I let him chew on frozen cotton cloths. I also used a tommee tippee stage 1 chewther until he was old enough to eat solids (now I use frozen bananas and stuff like that).

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My lo was a bit like that at around 3 months, became difficult to feed & often refused boob altogether. It wasn't teething in his case, he didn't get his first tooth till he was 10 months old & wasn't bothered by it coming through at all! Plus, he had grown out all the so-called teething symptoms like drooling & chewing on his hands, I think they're developmental anyway.

The feeding fussiness at 3 months lasted about 3 weeks I think, then he went back to normal although not long after that he started feeding very quickly, on & off both sides in about 10 mins, don't know if it was related.

It certainly could be teething with your LO, but you won't know unless a tooth comes through of course!

Just keep offering boob as much as possible, that's what I did, hopefully he'll go back to normal soon.

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could you give him tylenol? motrin works the best for teething I've found but they can't have it till 6 months. I don't like to use medicines too often but Hadley has such an awful time with it it's the only thing that helps.

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