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summer rain
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My eldest was a bit like that, though he didn't gain that much in the early days when he was between about 5 and 12 months he looked really really chunky (his face was square due to chunky cheeks lol!) but he fell down the charts in both length and weight. He was under a paed for other reasons though and they were totally happy with him xx

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How tall is her dad? When my first LO was born she surprised us all by being big and very long - I'm average height and OH is one of the taller members of his family but is Asian so not that tall compared to tall white men! One of the midwives told me not to worry or let anybody worry me if she didn't stay on the same centile line forever because it was unlikely she would stay tall with her genes. She expected my LO to drop down the chart and she did (only from 98th to 75th but I do have some tall family the midwife didn't see!). So if you are not from tall families, I actually would expect LO to drop down eventually. Even if some of your families are tall, she could still have inherited small genes. I wouldn't worry at all if your LO is happy and healthy. I would be telling the HV/nurse/doctors where to shove their charts and refusing any more weigh-ins unless there is a problem.

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It's not a hassle having a plunket nurse come around, is it? If they're wanting to refer her to a pediatrician, I'd just cooperate and have her weighed and measured to make sure there's nothing wrong. I don't see why so many people would refuse the weigh ins It's a good thing they're onto possible problems like this and have such a great service where someone actually comes to your house.

and had to add that Sophie is the cutest and looks totally chunky, healthy and adorable to me

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It is a hassle as she never comes when we agree, and only turns on her phone to send a text then switches it right back off. I'm trying so hard to get into a routine with Sophie, which gets messed up when I have to keep her awake way past her nap times waiting for someone who then often doesn't turn up. Long story really! Normally I wouldn't find it a hassle. We had a rental inspection and I had called plunket to cancel but she turned up anyway and got really cross with me when Sophie was sleeping and I asked her to leave as I was cleaning. Just lots of annoying hassles, silly things really.

I took Sophie to the GP of my own accord who was puzzled and said Sophie appears perfectly normal and healthy, he wrote this in her well child book and a short paragraph explaining how she was likely to slip down to a more natural curve (large for dates gestational diabetes baby).

My nurse used to make comments on how fat Sophie was and wrinkle her nose somewhat, and the advise to give solids at 19 was a bit off. I appreciate the service but find it to be stressful as I always seem to be left feeling like I'm doing it all wrong. Nagging to give formula and solids I found was unsupportive, I thought there was something wrong with me or my baby, not that she needed some mashed pears!

thank you for saying she's cute! :-)!!!

And to answer an above question, we are a very short family. I'm 4'10" and OH is 5'6" on a good day. All our grandparents are short, between 4'11" and 5'5".

My GP agreed that Sophie was larger at first due to my having uncontrolled diabetes for so much of my pregnancy, and I had a crazy oversupply of milk when she was younger, which I think is neither here nor there but she did gain well at first.

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