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Originally Posted by Keyval View Post
I have inverted nipples and they are so bad my doctor said there was no point breastfeeding . Wether that was true or not I didn't really wanna breastfeeding anyway tbh . Some very judging people on this thread that would make any mother who ff feel guilty . My baby is super healthy and only every been sick once in 10 months . Bf wasnt something I was comfortable doing anyway . Does that make me selfish and a bad mother ? It's great that people bf and well done but it's not for everyone .
Inverted nipples arent a reason not to breastfeed, though. Mine are still pretty flat after almost 2.5 years of BFing. It's great that your lo is healthy, but that doesn't mean that everything said about FFing isn't true. Formula fed babies are statistically less healthy on a population level. Not every baby will be as fortunate as yours.

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