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Period after breastfeeding

I have just finished Bf my baby, she is just over 7 months now. I know everyone is different but is there a usual length of time once you finish that your period returns or have most people had theirs by this stage. I had one at 4 weeks but nothing since. Been having niggly pains but nothing apart from that

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Ooh... I'm curious about this one too. I've been breastfeeding for over 4 months.. still no period.

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I've had two periods now and I've been breastfeeding for just under five months, my first was about 4 weeks ago and I'm iny second one now. My mate got hers about five or 6 months in when she introduced solids and dropped some feeds. Sadly I deed more than ever but I still get the periods.

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I am still waiting for mine! my LO has weaned himself down to two feeds a day (been like this for ages now) and still no sign!!! Never wished for my period to come before!.....

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Everyone is TOTALLY different! I got mine soon after we started formula but they didnt return to their previous patten straight away. I dont know how long it would have taken because we were TTC and obv I got pregnant pretty quickly.

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still haven't had mine

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