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4 months :)

I know it's a small milestone, but so happy we've made it this far. We had a tough first week with lo needing double phototherapy treatment due to jaundice and trying to pump enough to help flush it out. I've taken it a week at a time and was determined to bf for at least the first six weeks. I had the usual cluster feeding which drained me completely. I can't remember the last time I got more than 4 hours sleep in one go. I've had friends pressuring me to quit and ff, just because they did and it makes them jealous when I feed her when I'm with them (their words, not mine). We've got through an adults only wedding where I was a bridesmaid and had to pump enough for my mum to have her, and pump during the day. Not being able to have a drink, when everyone else can. I've got over feeling uncomfortable when feeding in public and will do it anywhere. Someone comes to my house, I no longer leave the room to feed. Dealt with the leaking boobs. The engorged boobs. The damn sore and painful boobs. But you know what, we've got through it all. I really do love breastfeeding!! (Most the time. Lol). Here's to the next four months (and longer hopefully!!).

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Congrats, great milestone:-)

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Congrats i was soo excited/happy when i made it to my 4 month breastfeeding mile stone as well.. Now im excited for when i reach 6 months!

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lovely post

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Well done, its these sort of posts that inspire new mummies to keep going! Its so hard at the start until it all clicks into place

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That's great! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! It'll be plain sailing from now on, I'm sure!

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