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Suddenly eating less during the day?

LO has always reverse cycled. When I first went back to work, he at 10 ounces the first two days, then 8, then 5-6 ounces. For a month or two, he ate about 5 and a half ounces, max. I worried, but he nursed all night and all evening. Then a month or two ago, he started drinking 7.5 ounces regulary. This week though, he dropped off. He drank 4 for the first half the week, and only 3 today (although I was only gone 8 hours today instead of the usual 10).

We have "sampled" food, but he doesn't eat food everyday. What's up, do you think? He is teething. And he eats all night, but it worries me.

Also I started pumping more, so I'm producing even more (decided to build up the freezer stash a bit). I went from pumping 8 oz to 12+ this week. I also worry a bit that he may not get enough hindmilk since I am producing more and he's eating less? Ah just worry.

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Teething could be part of it but it sounds like he prefers boob to bottle and so is taking preference when possible. You would need to get him to reduce feeds at night so he is more hungry in the day and starts taking more. The easiest way to do it without making him too hungry would be to let him nurse about a minute or two less for each feed. He wont realise he is taking less but it should encourage him to take more throughout the day.

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