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my plea..a poem about nursing in public

Wrote a poem in response to my recent experience: * I was nursing him in public and I got some dirty glares. I never asked anyone to look at me or stare.* One said I was "nasty," but she doesn't understand , nourishing a child, is as natural as land. * "Defecating is natural too," I heard somebody say. "But I've never seen a person shit in a public place."* Those two acts cant be compared, we all eat in plain sight. What is gross about nursing when you drink cows milk day and night? * "Feed your child, anywhere, please just be discreet. Put a cover on yourself so we can shop in peace."* But, you see , my little boy likes to be able to see. He'd rather not be concealed by a blanket while he eats. *What is so offensive about the top half of my breast? Shouldn't we be more concerned about the way some women dress? * I'm not going to hide in my car or behind closed doors, when no one condemns the women dressing up like whores. * Sure, breasts can be sexy, but theyre for babies first. America is forgetting the beauty in the word "nurse." *Normalizing the behavior will not be an easy task, it wont happen over night, these things take longer than that. * So, women of America let's all make a pact, to get on board with the rest of the world. I'm fed up with this crap. * Im not bashing formula Moms or those who do use covers. Let's all just be respectful of each other as mothers*. It's my right to feed my son wherever he may need, I hope someday I'll make a difference with my thought out plea.*

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I LOVE it! Well said.

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Nice job

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