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1 week old and blocked duct

Any advice please?

My baby is now 1 week old and for the past 3 or 4 days I've had a blocked duct on my left breast. My baby has been slow to gain weight, as it seemed to take ages before my milk came in properly. It's most definitely in now and baby is starting to gain weight. My concern now is that even when my baby cluster feeds, like she has this evening and drains my boobs down well the lump is still there, just not quite as bad. How long does it take before it turns into mastitis? I'm feeling ok in myself, but I have developed a mild cold, which I'm assuming has nothing to do with the lump, but I might be wrong.

The lump is not red or look inflamed, but I can feel it on touch.

Any help or advice please? The mw is coming again tomorrow, but I'm getting worried it's still there xxx

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Massage it as often as you can, before feeding, during feeding, after feeding. Heat before feeding helps, ice after (to loosen clog and get milk flowing/reduce inflammatiom in breast tissue). Take a NSAID like ibuprofen for inflammation (safe for breastfeeding). I also found massaging with an electric toothbrush helped.

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Good advice from pp. just wanted to add, keep feeding LO from that side as the flow will help unblock the duct. If it does start hurting or does clear, see your doc who might be able to help.

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If you can try to massage it in the bath or shower. run from your armpit or breastbone and massage forward toward the nipped. also try to massage the spot while your baby is feeding. I got it a lot and always felt a kind of pop and instant relief if I massaged it while my son fed

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Ouch I remember having this. Good advice from everyone else. What got rid of mine was expressing while massaging. I did need the help of my mum, never thought I'd see the day my mum had to milk me 🙈 Hope it goes soon, I remember it was painful

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If it doesn't clear with the above suggestions, please see a GP as all persistent breast lumps should be investigated.

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I tried all of the above (warm showers, compresses, nursing that side frequently, etc.) and had a pesky clogged duct that wouldn't clear. It HURT! I followed someone's advice (can't remember who shared this with me) and nursed on all fours so that my breast hung down, like a cow nursing a calf. It felt ridiculous, and I laughed my a** off while doing it, but there was something about nursing in that position (gravity, perhaps?) that helped my milk flow and unclogged the duct. It's worth a try. Good luck!

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