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Possible Food intolerance

DS has been having occasional large vomits after feeds and having kept a bit of a diet diary I think I've concluded its sonwthing in my diet as he can go days without being sick then other day he's sick after every feed. I've developed an unhealthy addiction to Tesco Belgian chocolate shortbread but the day after I eat them is always a day when LO vomits after every feed for the following 24 hours (ish). Goes without saying I'm going to stop eating them but I'm wondering what specifically it could be in the shortbread that he's sensitive to so I can cut that too!? Any thoughts?

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If it is the shortbread that he is reacting to then it would be either dairy or gluten. But most likely dairy. It's in quite a lot of food products though so check ingredients lists. Good luck and hopefully he will grow out of it soon

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Our last lo is sensitive to dairy. I didn't keep a diary but she would vomit a lot after nursing and would cry so much. I cut out dairy and we saw a huge change in just a couple of days. Hope you are able to get it figured out

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Hi all,

I wonder what other symptoms your little ones had aside from spitting up/vomiting?

My two week old has the following symptoms and I wonder whether he has some form of intolerance too:
* Baby acne appeared yesterday.
* He has very smelly farts! And wet farts too.
* He can be a little fussy at night sometimes but then that could be because my milk supply seems to be a lower and he isn't getting enough.

I am not keen on cutting out too many things as I need a good balanced diet to continue with the nursing. But I'm also wondering if I should cut something now to avoid giving my son more pain.

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