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My son is 17 months and hasn't been breastfed for 4 months. He has struggled with cows milk since he started it, constipated (same as my daughter was), raw sore bottom and eczema flare ups. GP thinks it's to do with problems digesting it rather than an allergy so recommended alternative (almond and soy milk) She also mentioned trying relactation. She said I probably won't get him to feed from me again but I could express milk for him. I've bought a new pump and hand expressed last night a little. Anyone done it? What could I do to boost supply?

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Tasha S.
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I've never done this, but I would try a lactation support tea. I'm on the other side of the pond so I'm not sure if you would find the same specific tea, but I love using Nursing Time Tea made by Fairhavenhealth. It really helped boost my supply when I needed to pump for an occasion!

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