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Leaving 6 week old for couple of hours

Baby is currently 4 weeks, I want a couple of hours out in 2 weeks time. Not a big deal if I need to come home as i won't be far from home.
When is best to introduce a bottle?
How much milk will I need to leave?

I have completely forgot everything I ever knew about BFing and leaving baby behind.

I have also found out that DS1 became a bottle refuser, DH with his heart in the right place never told me. How do I make sure that this baby continues to take a bottle. I'm guessing one bottle every 2 weeks isn't enough to keep him used to it. Although it could have been I never changed to a faster teat but I didn't know that their was a problem.

Is it common for baby's to take a bottle then start to refuse them?

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My baby took a bottle at 2 weeks and then started refusing at 4 weeks. She would scream for hours until I came back. It wasn't until I dropped her off at daycare at 12 weeks (and she was being fed somewhere other than home) that she accepted a bottle, and now she takes them no problem if I'm not around.

If you are just leaving for two hours, you might even get away with her not wanting a bottle but I would leave like 3oz just in case. I think my baby was drinking more like 1.5-2oz at 6 weeks , but I always leave a little extra.

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Like pp said, a feed straight before going out and one when you get back might be enough. You could try leaving a syringe or cup if you'll worry the bottle might be refused.

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My little girl took the bottle until a week ago.
I used to give her 2 oz before bed to get longer sleep patch
She started point blank refusing it..
Now only bf.
I still pump if she gives me a chance.
I want to go get massage with my sisters in 6 weeks time.
Will hve to get dad to try her with bit of bottle again soon m

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I successfully expressed 4.5oz in about 10mins this morning. It was so much easier with electric pump. I could have got more but the bottle was about full. I am also slightly wary of increasing my supply too much.

I'm sure before with the manual pump I would struggle to get that amount over the space of a week.

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