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Considering breastfeeding with no2 (formula fed no1)

So this will be our second n last child. With ds I ff from day 1 as I just did not feel comfortable bf.

As this is our last baby I really want to try bf but am feeling very, very scared of doing so. I thought about doing so for the first few days so baby gets the goodness n then swapping to ff. But if i manage for those first few days then why not continue????

My other thought is to express and bottle feed breast milk. That way baby gets the goodness but I dont have to be worried about the pain etc...

I just want to point out that even when I am not pg I have very very sensitive nipples and they can't be touched as it causes me such discomfort and pain. This is why I never bf my ds. My dh said that bf may solve the sensitivity issue I have making them a bit tougher and less sensitive. I dont know if that would work but I see his theory.

Can I please have any and ALL advice as I am really unsure what to do. This will be our last baby so its the last time I can even consider bf vs ff.

Thank you,

Confused mumma

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You could try nipple shields. That will reduce the sensitivity.

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With a correctly latched baby, the end of the nipple itself shouldn't really be in contact with anything, however it is very common for newborns to not quite get enough breast tissue in to their mouths or having to work to get the nipple to the back, so unfortunately you may experience nipple discomfort. Not everyone does though. When people talk of nipples toughening up, what is really going on is that hormones level out a bit making nipples less sensitive and babies get better at getting the nipple to the back of their mouths without sucking the nipple itself.

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Go for it! You really have nothing to lose.

I don't have experience with sensitive nipples but I have to tell you that a baby breastfeeding does not feel anything like someone touching your nipples. It is a completely different sensation. To be honest, once breastfeeding is established it doesn't really feel like anything... As noon child says, your nipple actually sits free in their mouth, they are by no means constantly touching the sensitive end bit.

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Give it a go.

I lasted 4 days with my first and am nearly at 6 months with my second.

My advice would be to take each day as it comes and ask for lots of advice and help. With my first I had a bad latch and lots of pain but I think if I'd had help I could have lasted longer. Also join a bf Facebook group if you can before to get an idea of what is 'normal' as it's hard not to compare with ff babies especially your own.

Honestly the first few weeks are rubbish but after that it is so much easier than bottles.

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