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Advice on dummy

I'm exclusively breastfeeding but daddy is missing out. I'm thinking of introducing a bottle of ebm so daddy can get involved.

Does anyone's little one have a dummy. DD is 4 weeks old now and is wanting me to hold her and feed asleep during the day and will wake within a few minutes when put down as well as cluster feeling in the evening which can be tire ring with 2 other children and hubby at work. She will fall to sleep no problem but staying asleep is another story unless she is suckling from me which in turn is making her very tired.

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Dad can still do skin to skin, bath with baby, burp baby, dress baby, nappy changes, singing, baby massage. From my experience the novelty of feeding the baby can wear off pretty quick, so introducing a bottle purely for Dad's benefit can be a waste sometimes (I thought it might mean help at night but my DH slept through the crying so by the time I woke him, explained what I wanted, he warmed the milk etc. I was wide awake and it would have just been easier to breastfeed!)

A dummy can be problematic earlier than 6weeks because the cluster feeding is so linked to building your supply. I guess it is just a case of finding out what problems dummy use might cause and balancing it with what advantages it might have. What you describe sounds very normal but I can imagine that doesn't make it any easier to cope with three kids! Could she fall asleep in a sling during the day? That way you don't have to put her down.

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My three all had a dummy from birth and they were fine.

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