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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Personal stories of breastfeeding + pregnancy

Just looking for personal stories of your breastfeeding journey while pregnant.

Got pregnant when my son was 22 months old and nursing, didn't notice a difference in my supply and nursed him until just a few months ago!

TTC #3 with Clomid (DS is 13 mo old), and just a bit worried about losing my supply while pregnant since he is so much younger than my DS1.

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Got pregnant while nursing DS at 15 months, supply lowered immeadiately, but an early loss.

Conceived again at 18 months, supply had stayed "lower" since the previous loss. Still plenty of milk for DS though. Probably noticed a gradual drop in pumping output from 12-16 weeks but DS was still getting milk. Around 16-18 weeks I lost my supply. By 24 months I had colostrum, DS nursed and/or dry nursed all through, tandem nursed and still am.

Got pregnant again when DD was 18 months, still nursing both kids (but DS is down to one short session per day). I am almost 14 weeks and DD still nurses a lot, still gets milk. I do not pump anymore so....

Hope that helps!

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Hi, I'm currently breastfeeding whilst pregnant for the third time. All my children are 2-2.5 years apart. I had terrible aversion with one but not so much with the others. Yes, a small dip in supply but my babies have all carried on nursing through despite it.xx

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I breastfed until about 16 weeks pregnant when my DD stopped asking and I stopped offering, so it just sort of ended. I noticed a huge dip in my supply starting around 10 weeks, but I think it was more related to my return to work and less related to the pregnancy. I work 2pm-midnight 4 days a week, and my DD started sleeping through the night around the same time, so I would go 19 hrs without feeding her. To be honest I was a bit relieved that she stopped so I can have a bit of a break before the next baby arrives.

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