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When to express extra?

I'm going to be away for 1 night from my LO in March. I have been expressing 1 feed a day(the day before, so I'll give a bottle of expressed milk and express the milk from my breast she would of had, and then refrigerate overnight if that makes sense) so she knows how to take a bottle. But I need to start expressing another feed to go in the freezer, so my LO will have enough when I go away. When do I express that milk?

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What I did to build a supply was after he was done nursing, I'd pump for about 5mins right after. I'd do that a few times a day if I needed to build a supply quicker. Otherwise, I'd do it about once a day, and then over the course of a couple days I'd consolidate into one freezer milk bag. I'd date it with the "oldest" milk (usually 2-3 days of being in the fridge).

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If she doesnt need that bottle that you are expressing to be eaten the next day, just stop giving it and save it instead until you return from you trip. Also, my babe goes to sleep 730-8p, and ill pump about 30 mins later to help my stock.

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