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Should I have leakage?

With DD I wasn't able to breastfeed. She never could latch (she was 4 wks early). My milk never really came in. i pumped my heart out for like 3 weeks and then dried up. I dont remember having any leakage or any signs that my boobies were ready to do their job.

This time around babe is due to be induced a couple weeks early due to GD and size and I'm wondering if I should be seeing some leakage.

I have PCOS and i know sometimes BF isn't possible, but I am really hoping to BF this new baby. As we get closer I've been anxiously awaiting signs. Hubby says they feel really full, but so far no leaking of any kind.

Is there anything I can do to best ensure supply? I'm not expected this baby to have latching issues.

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I never had any leakage before my daughter was born, never had any breast tenderness during pregnancy, and my breasts really didn't get that much bigger. I ended up with an abundance of milk, almost oversupply, and successfully breastfed my daughter until she gave it up on her own at 13 months old. Try not to worry too much about leakage, for me it wasn't indicative at all of the milk supply that was to come.

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I didn't have leakage with Dyl that I can remember but I had loads of milk. Family called me mummy moo cow as I was like a one woman dairy 😂 I've leaked this time but I never really dried up after Dyl. One thing I did do was use my breast pump to try and start labour when I was overdue 🙈 Didn't get any milk but it then did come in quick and I had loads after birth. I thought that was a bit naughty but this time I've been told to hand express from 37 weeks. As I have GD too they've said if baby's blood sugars are a bit low they can top him up with colostrum I've expressed before birth so maybe if you try that too as it also may encourage milk production once baby is born? Ask your midwife as it seems to be common practice here.

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I didn't leak with either pregnancy until a few days after baby was born then would wake up in puddles. I also have pcos and it doesn't seem to have made a difference for me. It's possible if your baby didn't latch well it didn't get your supply up, expressing isn't always a good indicator of supply. I usually only get 2 oz but have loads of milk and it satisfies my lb who is 91st centile.

With my first we both struggled with bf and I gave up after a few days but am ebf my second at six months. Every baby is different and your second may love bf and take tonitbeasily. Good luck!

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No i didn't leak either. Had the odd tiny dribble of colostrum but that's it. Your milk wont come in till a few days after baby is born x

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I didn't have leakage ever. Maybe once or twice when breastfeeding, definitely never before. And I had PLENTY of milk, breastfed my baby until she was 2.5 years old, also provided breast milk for two adopted babies.....and I have PCOS. :-)

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I've never had any leakage while pregnant and I've been breastfeeding for years. Some do leak whereas others just don't

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