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Anti-histamine and milk supply?

Can Benadryl dry up your milk supply!? I take an anti histamine sometimes for my allergies and I've noticed a drop in my supply, could it be related!? I've read conflicting information on this. Some say yes for sure and some say no.

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I have heard of it happening for some and not for others, I think it just kinda depends on you. But from your signature I see your LO is 4 months old and that is around the time your body starts really regulating to baby's actual need. Why do you think you have dropped?
Also, if you think you have dropped for sure and its not just a change in supply to meet the demand you might consider getting your thyroid checked. Low thyroid killed my supply wirh DS3, but I didn't know that was the cause (or that it was even low!) until just after I stopped breastfeeding

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