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Milk supply has come back up in early pregnancy after being low, worried about MMC.

I'm 10 weeks +3 and still bf my two year old son. My milk supply was really rather low (he only feeds once a day at bedtime and if he wakes at night). However my supply seems to have come back up inexplicably, as he's not feeding more and doesn't take a lot when he does (he has a weak suck). I'm now panicking that if my supply has come back maybe I've had a MMC. I've had one before but earlier in pregnancy and I no symptoms. I still feel rather queasy but my nausea has settled down in the last couple of weeks. I have been sick in that time once though. I'm still absolutely shattered but my nipples aren't sore when I feed anymore, which they were before. I can't help the feeling that something might have gone wrong!

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I have known a few ladies that posted similar experiences with no problems. Hormones are strange sometimes

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