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Originally Posted by Madilyn68 View Post
Originally Posted by happynewmom1 View Post

Oh my word.. The eyeball.. Yes. I usually feel pretty beaten up by the end of the day lol

Yay!! Just stay consistent and keep doing what you're doing! I weaned our first two cold turkey. They stayed with their grandparents for a couple days and when they came back, I didn't nurse them and they did really well with that so you never know....she may just be OK with the one feeding now.

Aliya is now 22 lbs.. I can't remember her height now. I'll have to look it up but she's a shorty haha

Oh I also noticed after I weaned the other kids they started sleep settling themselves so I'm really hoping it happens again. She's very dependent on nursing when it comes to sleep right now. Anyway.. You are doing great! And it sounds like she is too
That's really good to hear about the sleep settling! Otti is also very dependent on nursing to sleep, mainly at night. Before I went through that first "weaned" day, she had probably only fallen asleep in my arms (not counting grandparents) maybe 5 times TOPS for any nap.
She has definitely been doing better since we stopped the daytime feeds. She has had to nurse a couple times over the past few days but is doing good for the most part. She's sick now though so that doesn't help.
Oh I hope she feels better soon! something has been going around here too. It's been setting us back on the weaning process but we will get there eventually. Hopefully after sickness passes we both can get back to it.

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Originally Posted by noon_child View Post

Each breastfeeding relationship is different. I loved nursing my daughter when she was a toddler but that's because she never squirmed or pulled at my face! At fiddly stages I'd put on a necklace and she'd use that, so it was quite low level. You are dealing with something much less relaxing.

There's no magic switch at 1year, you are right, so as long as LO is happy to eat a wide variety of foods and is content to drop feeds(which she sounds like she is) and you feel happy, then there is nothing to feel guilty about. If you are not using one you might want to consider a vitamin supplement just because the volume of food you need to get all your nutrients is bigger than that of milk/formula which babies can't always manage. Or you could try formula from a cup along with her snack time.
That's a good point about the vitamins! I didn't think about that. When I talked to my doctor about it she never mentioned anything. SHe's on vitamin d but that's different. Thanks for bringing that up!

Yeah... I wish the necklace worked for me! I've tried giving her things to play with when she's nursing and she still attacks me lol. It's bad. If she had a necklace she'd just grab it and smash it against my chest. There's not a thing relaxing about our daytime feedings. Nights are a lot easier because she's sleepy and a lot more calm.

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